For the love of concrete
For the love of concrete

Concrete Furniture Made in Germany

In 2014 Gregor Uhlmann created the brand name CO33 + in Thuringia – high-quality concrete and concrete furniture accessories for stylish living ambience. The concrete furniture is made with German craftsmanship of various trades. Each exclusive concrete product is unique. We want to attract private buyers as well as hotels, restaurants or other public spaces.

CO33 + is a trademark of Gregor Uhlmann.

Modern design

“Passion for concrete. It is more than just a building material, more than just grey-on-grey. Concrete is versatility and durability, longevity and sustainability, beauty and straightforwardness – just to name a few. I’m just fascinated by this grey stone – this massive material that melts in our hands today and bears the highest building tomorrow.”


Concrete in its most harmonious shape.